A2 Buffalo Ghee (500 ml)

Hand Made | Vedic Bilona | A2 Grazed Buffalo MIlk


Take your culinary dishes to new heights with our Natural  ghee locked with heavenly aroma and natural flavour. It is made from the A2 milk of Open Grazed Buffaloes of Adisa Farms. Our ghee is produced in the traditional method without any artificial processing. Milk from our happy Buffaloes is curdled, then pure MASKA or butter is churned from it just as India has done for ages. After this, we slowly clarify the butter into ghee. The ghee making process we follow has been described in the VEDAS as BILONA. 

Handmade in small batches - Cultured A2 Ghee, this is not direct-cream ghee, but Ghee made using natural A2 Milk yoghurt.


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