Which Milk Is Best for You – Organic or Regular?

Remember those old days when milk was delivered in glass bottles or poured directly into a utensil and not supplied in plastic packets? You might say…gone are those days. But not really. A few farms are going back to the roots of Indian traditional ways of raising and milking cattle and practicing what we forgot long ago – Organic Farming. And organic milk is one such concept.

Meaning of Organic Milk and Regular Milk

Organic milk is the milk produced by livestock raised on the principles of organic farming. In this method, the cows and buffaloes are given free access to the outdoors to graze freely. These farm animals feed on the grass and the fodder that is free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and growth infusers.

In simple words, the cows and buffaloes are raised in a natural environment that is free of additives, supplements and chemicals. 

For organic farming, a farm must adhere to the code of practice that ensures animal welfare. Here is a list of some of the organic farming practices: 

  • The cattle are fed on natural feed – grass or vegetation that is free of fertilizers and pesticides.
  •  Cows can access green pasture at regular intervals.
  • The cattle are not administered with antibiotics and growth hormones for increased milk production
  • The cattle are not administered prohibited medication to treat illness.

As the cattle are treated naturally, these factors significantly contribute to the enhanced taste and quality of organic milk.

In organic farming, the cattle are not tied to a stilt and they can move around the farms freely and get enough sunlight for healthy raising. Unlike the conventional milking process, in organic farming, the cows and buffaloes are milked by human beings and not by machines. 

Conventional or regular milk is produced on a commercial level that includes chemicals, preservatives and antibiotics. Mostly, the fodder for these farm animals is ridden with growth infusers and antibiotics to increase milk production. And the residues of the preservatives and fertilizers in the fodder affects the quality and taste of the regular milk.

The cattle are stilt raised in small barns and the movement of these animals is very limited. And the exposure to outdoor pastures and sunlight is negligible. 

Which Milk Is Best for You – Organic or Regular?

Since our childhood, we have been told that milk is a complete food and it contains all the essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and calcium to build our bones, muscles and body. There is no contradiction to this. Both organic and regular milk provides all the essential nutrients, but their nutritional profile differs.

 Let us find out if organic milk has more health benefits than regular milk.  

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Organic milk has more omega-3 fats than it is found in regular milk. High levels of omega-3 fatty acids significantly reduce the risk of cardiac arrhythmias and coronary heart disease. Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the immune system and improve neurological development and function. 

  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Organic milk health benefits include having less percentage of omega-6 fatty acids than regular milk contains. A high percentage of omega-6 fatty acids are related to cardiovascular risk.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

One of the studies shows that organic milk has 60% more CLA than it is found in conventional milk. CLA is known as a cancer-fighting acid. It also helps in reducing body fat, weight loss, heart-related risk and building muscles.

  • Alpha-linoleic Acid

Organic milk has 69% more alpha-linoleic acid than it is found in regular milk. Alpha-linolenic acid prevents and treats heart-related diseases. It lowers high blood pressure, cholesterol and reverses the hardening of blood vessels. 
Today, we prefer everything instant – especially food! We are forgetting the importance of organic food. Go organic, if you can, and relish the natural taste. You can get original and organic food from a few genuine farmers and firms, such as Adisa farms.

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