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Adisa’s Organic Heart and Soul: Problems, Promises, and Processes

Life is a weird journey. We never know where it takes us and what it will bring. However, the fact of the matter always remains that whatever happens, happens for the best and happens for a reason. And along those lines lies the story of Adisa. A story of passion, struggle, a commitment to quality, and a thirst for better food.  

Today is not the time for the story that brought Adisa to what it has become, but it is the time for the story of the struggle faced in creating food sustainability. 

What is Sustainable Farming? 

Sustainable farming is the process of giving back to the land as much as is taken from it. It is the process of creating a healthy relationship between the produce and the environment such that neither is more drained than the other.  

In simpler terms, it means no chemicals, no pesticides, no adulterants, just a steady stream of love and care that goes into the land that gives us so much. In terms of science, this is the process of making sure that ecological cycles that have persisted for thousands of years remain healthy and happy. 

Why does Adisa Believe in sustainable farming? 

Adisa believes in providing food the way mother earth meant it to be. Before growth enhances, chemical pesticides, and more were invented. We have recognized the untapped potential we have from just making sure we eat the right way and, in that process, treating our bodies right. 

The sun will never go away, but what was once renewable like the water and the soil are not anymore. Pollutants have made a large portion of water unusable, and the same goes for soil which has had nutrients leached and burned out of it. The $1.3 billion of the world that comes from food needs to make a shift to being sustainable if we want our kids to live the same way we have. 

So, where does the problem lie? 

What we do at Adisa, may sound like an old-fashioned technique, but for that very reason, it is new. As humans, it is easier than we realize to unlearn the old and make room for the new, especially when the new means it is easier. We are now at the mercy of the elements, the shift of the seasons and the temperament of the soil, and the camaraderie of the animals to make sure we give you the best we can get. 

Our first struggle lied in creating our own farming community. While we were sold from day one on the idea of organic and sustainable farming. We needed to convince the farmers helping us on our farms that we were also farmers and that this was a good idea. We had to dive deep into the history of farming to learn and teach these age-old techniques that fed our ancestors for eons. While this was tough, it has been rewarding. It has created a special connection between us as a community of farmers and the animals and land we stand by.  

The next and potentially largest struggle lay in the market. While we all know that most farmers do not receive their due from city markets (and we won’t get into too many details of the politics of why that exists) we had no idea how bad it was. When we tried to sell our, self farmed produce for the first time, we were offered less than 1/15th of the market price of our goods. This didn’t even cover the cost of transportation, forget the cost of farming. Thankfully, our community of high demand buyers has helped us combat this. Keeping our family of creators and consumers happy.  

Finally, and believe us this is neither last nor least in the perils of organic and sustainable farming, are the elements. Too much rain is bad, too little rain is worse. A flock of birds comes in for a snack means lost grains and a pig looking for lunch means you can say goodbye to the palak. We are grateful for the community we have created for understanding this and we have come to see it as nature taking payment for everything it has given us, doesn’t mean these losses don’t hurt. We have gone through a large, well-researched process in becoming farmers and promise to make the most of it.

The Adisa Promise 

While all these are facts, we don’t mind. We truly believe in a better future for food. We believe in working hard past these barriers to provide better, to hopefully change the mind of one more person in the quest for a healthier planet. Some days will truly be much harder for us than the rest, but we will continue to package each bottle with the same love and care, treat every bird with a tender hand, and explore our heritage for sustainable growth.  

Support us, a 24*7 farmer community, that is working hard to provide food that is safe, healthy, and most of all on time by making an Adisa Farm purchase today or by trying out one of our subscriptions.  

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