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ADISA Farms is a social entrepreneurial venture of a new generation. Our clear objective is to develop sustainable ecosystems and advocate clean living.




ADISA Farms is the result of long research-based learning of nature’s balanced ecosystem, and a determined self-conscious initiative to imbibe these traits in our farming and cultivation methodologies. We aim to serve as the best organic online store in Hyderabad. Adisa lives and swears by the concepts of being pure, natural, chemical-free, and sustainable. This is the way of life for us and it’s reflected not only in the products but also in the way we package them. Adisa follows a strict no-plastic rule and uses only environment friendly packaging material

Our Organic Products

Our Journey

The idea for ADISA germinated and took root in a farmhouse. During this time the founders were setting up a mango orchard and decided to set out to do more.


The next phase of evolution was born out of curiosity. Not only was it interesting to watch paddy and vegetables grow, but inputs from agricultural experts helped turn that into a success.


These three years were the periods of enlightenment like Gautama Buddha’s wisdom for the founders of ADISA. It resulted in gaining expertise, understanding insights & techniques and learning the culture of natural farming and ensuring that.

2006 to 2009

Eureka! – ADISA WAS BORN – A newborn inspired by natural farming with sustainable agriculture as its bone. This first year naturally farmed mangoes were the hot crop and were sold like crazy!


Two years into existence, ADISA now began to take some big steps leaning towards their roots and began venturing into animal husbandry. The first step here was sheep farming on the edifice of integrated and sustainable agriculture.


The next major step ADISA took during these two years was entering into the space of Dairy Farming. We started with pure, local Indian buffaloes and cows. This allowed us not only to farm better but also to sell milk as a part of this natural integration process.


ADISA’s next journey during the year culminated in poultry farming. We began something that was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the commercial poultry industry today. Both in terms of expertise and concepts, we only follow sustainable farming principles where pure country chicken is chosen to lay pure/happy eggs. Ensuring that the chicken lived unchained and ate naturally is important to this commitment we hold.


ADISA by 2016, emboldened itself towards Fish Farming or Pisciculture .This came about first by introducing fish to our water storage spaces to maximize space use and to further imbibe the sustainable agriculture. ADISA’S Fish farm soon became home to a variety of fish such as Tuna, Morels, Indian Basa, Catla, Rohu etc.


ADISA’s milestone this year was the introduction of Duck Farming into our natural farming motive. Our Indian Ducks can be seen swimming on the waters of the farm, laying pure eggs and being free. Not only it is a good pest repellent but also results in a wholesome panoramic view for farm visitors.


Over the years – ADISA has been on a remarkable journey. Starting off from a small idea and growing into a natural farming community growing pure, sustainable and ethical food. We have 500+  subscribed happy  customers and we are always looking in the direction of growth. We aim to expand our organic product reach and pass on this mission of sustainable living to our future generations.




A 100% eco friendly, sustainable and reusable packaging.


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Treated with care and lots of Love

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Get 10% Instant Cash Back on wallet recharge of 1500/- and above.
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